Mimicc Release 0.10.0-rc1

Version 0.10.0-rc1 of the Mimicc toolchain is now available for download. The corresponding LLVM version is 12.0.0. Artifacts for Mac and Linux can be found on the Download page. The User Guide can be found here at mimicc.dev, or as a pdf in the release artifacts.

This is purely an update to the underlying LLVM/clang compiler engine, there are otherwise no new features in this release.

If you’re arriving here for the first time, welcome! We recommend you read the introductory notes from the first public release, or my recent post about why Mimicc exists.

Mimicc is a tool for generating mocks from C and C++ source code. It works like a compiler, taking C and C++ declarations as input and producing function definitions as output, either pre-compiled as an object file, or as plain C/C++. For each Mimicc-generated mock, there is also an API which allows you to interact with its functions and methods at runtime for writing unit tests.

Mimicc is distributed as a complete, stand-alone, clang-based toolchain including the compiler runtime and static analyzer. Convenience scripts are provided (mimicc-env) for creating a “virtual environment” in your favorite shell (similar to Python’s virtualenv), allowing you to comfortably use the Mimicc toolchain alongside any other compiler installations you already have on your system, including clang.